Precious Wendy 6

April 9, 2007


Precious Wendy 6    pixels on screen, variable dimensions

This is from a while ago, about a year. It relates somewhat to an awareness of the historical social contextualization  of women as object. And in a sense, art object. An ornament and compliment to a located ego’s social mirror and status within said.

It related to a broader series which encompassed the idea of woman as pharmaceutical; as anaesthesia, which is certainly how woman as an idea often function within an economy and social sphere of images.  I’m not saying this out of some notion of woman as victim (indeed, one can find legion of women who are complicit in such a notion), nor from a condemnatory view (as I have certainly in past participated in such a positing), merely commenting upon an observation.

I haven’t worked on ‘photo/text/concept’ work as this for some time, as I’ve had other aesthetic concerns, (only a nominal amount of which is presented here, a situation which arguably I should rectify) but concerns whose ‘products’ I feel could be served by works as these in fashions which I hope to expound upon(both visually and textually)  shortly.