In search of robustness, and thus comfort

So, last night I slept with some of my work, purely platonic you understand, somewhat after Diane Borsato’s ‘Sleeping with Cake’ project, but more pragmatic than hers in some ways.


and what I’m realizing, more and more, is that I need this work, this body of work to be robust, durable. Munch used to leave his canvasses out in his yard, in the rain and snow, to ‘toughen them up’. I want this work, I want you to be able to roll it up in a tube, and take it on a plane with you, to put it in your hotel room. I want you to be able to throw it off a roof into a pile of rubble, and then pick it up, hose it off, dry it, and stick it right back on your wall, where it continues to look fabulous.

As this point, we can’t quite do that with much of the work. Rest assured, this will change.


Connectogon Beta fragment

Approx 36″x48″ misex media on paper.


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