Teach Me Something

So, the first pictures on Paxnorth.com should be up, perhaps by the end of the day, certainly by Monday. Well, at ‘ paxnorth.wordpress.com ‘ , as Godaddy is still dragging their heels in setting up my host. I’m still working through the idea of different identities and forms to engage different aspects of work. On this site though, I do have a desire to write at some length about my work, and what I see as the ideas informing it.

Simply put, I don’t want to overcomplicate things at the Paxnorth site, as I do have the hope that it may yield a nice income, both through sales directly from it, and through my ebay profile (the site thus serving as a bit of background or signifier of ‘seriousness of purpose’, to give help (in however small a fashion) potential buyers feel assured that the work is not the result of some dilletantish whim).

One would hope such a thing would be obvious, but every little bit helps.

But as for not overcomplicating things, well…I have to confess that I do find ‘things’ rather complicated. Or at least complex. And I feel the work that I make reflects this. I also find the work an interesting and engaging jumping off point for the discussion of ideas.

Again, however, it makes some sense to me to keep paxnorth as a site, primarily for the showcasing and display of work intended for online sale, the logic being that my pseudo intellectual ramblingsĀ  might prove tiresome and dreary for some.And I can respect this.


Teach Me Something (2005)
3 day performance with chalkboard; Artist stood at various locations in downtown Halifax with a sign carrying the text ‘ Teach Me Something’;inviting passerbys to ‘teach’ the artist something.

In practice this amounted to a fragmented cobbling of ‘facts’, and gave the artist (moi) pause to consider, and reflect upon the question ‘What opportunities for learning present themselves during a day in the urban environment ?’. It seems that ‘learning’ often falls by the wayside for many people, as the demands imposed or that they impose upon their time in regards to utilitarian or ‘pragmatic’ concerns often seems to cast the concern with learning by the wayside


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