It’s all intro

I’ve been watching Youtube for the last month, and realizing how little a lot of people have to say, which is fine, but it’s making me realize and appreciate the value of text, insofar as one can scan rapidly through data, and/or work which is mostly fluff, or slowly work ones way through text which is more complex.

I said in the last post that I’ll be using this as way of displaying or sharing my work, but I think that this name and site ‘connectogon’, might serve as more of a reflexivity in terms of the work which I put on, and as as  a place to talk about other work. Part of the problem I’ve had, or what I felt was a problem, was that there are aspects to the work which I see as somewhat demarcated from other parts, not isolated, but different in vein and intention.

So, this:

Is something which…This is the thing, a lot of the work which I will be putting on will be more in the vein of a line of artworks contextualized as consumer products, which in a sense has been much of the status of art objects in the West since the 1600s. And this is very much something I wish to engage in, however, I’m also interested in the function of art as tool for social and psychological critique, as well as it’s possibility to function as aid to social or psychological healing. Or at least an aid to locating of agency or context for subjectivities.

ButI’m suspicious of cultural artifacts which propose to be agents of social critique, and yet in their own right are absorbe and experienced as consumer products or commodities. My solution, will be to somewhat compartmentalize my practice into works intended as consumer objects, and work in which that is not the overt intention.


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