A little bit of intro

 So, not that you’d know it by this work, but this is a part of a larger set of aesthetic devices and premises that I’ve been working on for some time, over ten years actually.

Much to the consternation of my mom, girlfriend, and other concerned parties, I haven’t really focused a great deal upon the business or career side of my work, that of course neccesary if one wishes to leave off one’s day job (restoring heritage homes in my case) so that one can pursue one’s work full time.

The thing is, I really haven’t wanted to focus on putting my work out there, any of my work really, until I felt the tiem was right. The world is so aflood in poorly designed (and often pointless) products, and superficially created art.

I didn’t want to add to this, and so I’ve spent the last decade, working away, developing my craft, my skills, my style and my ideas. I’ve reached the point where I want to share the fruits of what I’ve been engaged in, and be compensated for it, so as to allow even more time and resources to contribute.

I’ll be putting forward a set of  work on ebay shortly, with much more to follow. The aim or idea really, is to put forward my work in a set of actualization or product lines.

Part of the aim here being quite simple, to allow a diverse and wide range of  people to partake in the purchase and acquisition of original art, which I feel will make a small, yet actual contribution to the aesthetic conditions of their life.


Pax North


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