work in progress

October 31, 2006

 I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I live in an honest to god cliche of an artis’s garret. No heat. I swear. A full on half demolished top floor of a house, where I live because a) I have space to work in, and b) it’s free for the next two months.

This is just more work in progress.


48″x60″ mixed media on canvas

Again, I think part of the aim is to put together a large set or body of the ‘new’ work, and then load that onto a ‘new’ site, and then see if people are interested in that work (either galleries or clients).

It’s not really a plan.


Post Human II

October 31, 2006

This will be finished sometime this week, in the meantime, I think this might be finished. We’ll see.


He Probably Hasn’t Gotten over It

48″x60″ mixed media on canvas.


October 30, 2006

So, seem to be making some progress…


These are just components, parts, but when the edges are finished, and they’re put together, I should have my first fully mobile connectogon piece. Something you can literally roll up and take with you when you’re staying in a hotel some place.

That idea I especially like. That instead of travelers being forced to submit to the photocopied and frame dreck that adorns so many hotel rooms, that they’d be able to put something up that meant something to them.

In search of robustness, and thus comfort

October 24, 2006

So, last night I slept with some of my work, purely platonic you understand, somewhat after Diane Borsato’s ‘Sleeping with Cake’ project, but more pragmatic than hers in some ways.


and what I’m realizing, more and more, is that I need this work, this body of work to be robust, durable. Munch used to leave his canvasses out in his yard, in the rain and snow, to ‘toughen them up’. I want this work, I want you to be able to roll it up in a tube, and take it on a plane with you, to put it in your hotel room. I want you to be able to throw it off a roof into a pile of rubble, and then pick it up, hose it off, dry it, and stick it right back on your wall, where it continues to look fabulous.

As this point, we can’t quite do that with much of the work. Rest assured, this will change.


Connectogon Beta fragment

Approx 36″x48″ misex media on paper.

Data ellipse fragment

October 24, 2006


5″x7″ mixed media relief

This is a small example that I think works really well in beside doorways or in cubicles. I say cubicles especially, because, again, that’s one thing that always annoyed me when I worked in an office, how little the ‘art’ chosen (if any other than motivational posters) reflected the networked and interpenetrated quality of our actions in relation to a global economy. Further, reflected little of how those actions often took place, or did take place, within a highly contextualized and rigorously yet narrowly defined spectrum of operation.

Connectogon Beta

October 24, 2006


Some basics. Again, this is all still beta. Just trying this out. What is this all in aid of ? The simple answer is this, Art which doesn’t suck.

We fail.

October 17, 2006

Which has brought me to the realization, that perhaps selling work on ebay is up there with the all time dumbest ideas I’ve ever had. Every day, a glut of hundreds of awful flail-o-matic abstract expressionist schlock and dog drawings gets flung onto their kilns of commerce. Fortunately I consider futile excersises to be essential learning curves. The paintings I made for it turned out vaguely alright mind you.

The good part, is that I feel once again free to focus on making work I actually like, and feel challenged by.